Nakashima Shuzo

The oldest liquor store in Hizen Hamashuku designated as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property
Hizen Hamashuku
Established in 1650, it is one of the oldest liquor store in Hizen Hamashuku. Th ...

Ueda Shoten Store

You should find souvenirs you want from many items
Yutoku Inari Shrine
It is a shop that was founded in Showa 30 (1955) in Yutoku Monzen Shopping Stree ...

Minematsu Bankin

Exhibit and sell works of sheet metal created by meister
Hizen Hamashuku
It is a store exhibiting and selling works produced by Mr. Minematsu who is cert ...

Kato Shoten Store

Store selling various cat goods and Japanese Zodiac goods
Yutoku Inari Shrine
It is a shop that mainly sells cat goods in Yutoku Monzen Shopping Street. Becau ...

Hizennya New Building

A shop in Sakagura-dori selling souvenirs using ingredients of Saga Prefecture
Hizen Hamashuku
It is a newly opened shop next to the Minematsu Shuzo. There are many original i ...

Ide Shoten Store

A long-established store that has been making rice cracker for over 100 years
Yutoku Inari Shrine
It is a long-established store of Senbei (traditional Japanese rice crackers) wh ...

Ariake Liquor Store

Talk with customers and sell the best Japanese sake
Hizen Hamashuku
It is a liquor store selling mainly local sake and Shochu in Kashima City and Sa ...

Tourism Products Center

A shop where local specialties are available at Hizen-Kashima station
Various specialty products and sweets of Kashima City are available. Because the ...

Yoshida Shogetsudo

Sweet shop selling "Maki Yokan", also loved by local people
Hizen Hamashuku
It is a well-established sweet shop founded in 1932. There are Japanese sweets a ...


A shop selling sweets called "Saga Nishiki", dance and entertainment goods, Japanese teapots
Yutoku Inari Shrine
We sell a variety of souvenirs such as “Saga Nishiki” of Muraoka-ya ...