Souvenir shops of Kashima Nishiki Textiles

These textiles, made in Kashima from Washi (Japanese paper) and silk, are both delicate and graceful. The flamboyant beauty of these textiles has gained a reputation as a valuable article not only for daily use, but also at art scenes.

Tourism Products Center

A shop where local specialties are available at Hizen-Kashima station
Various specialty products and sweets of Kashima City are available. Because the ...


A shop selling sweets called "Saga Nishiki", dance and entertainment goods, Japanese teapots
Yutoku Inari Shrine
We sell a variety of souvenirs such as “Saga Nishiki” of Muraoka-ya ...

Ueda Shoten Store

You should find souvenirs you want from many items
Yutoku Inari Shrine
It is a shop that was founded in Showa 30 (1955) in Yutoku Monzen Shopping Stree ...