Souvenir shops of Kashima Nishiki Textiles

These textiles, made in Kashima from Washi (Japanese paper) and silk, are both delicate and graceful. The flamboyant beauty of these textiles has gained a reputation as a valuable article not only for daily use, but also at art scenes.

Tourism Products Center

A shop where local specialties are available at Hizen-Kashima station
Various specialty products and sweets of Kashima City are available. Because the ...

Ueda Shoten Store

You should find souvenirs you want from many items
Yutoku Inari Shrine
It is a shop that was founded in Showa 30 (1955) in Yutoku Monzen Shopping Stree ...


A shop selling sweets called "Saga Nishiki", dance and entertainment goods, Japanese teapots
Yutoku Inari Shrine
We sell a variety of souvenirs such as “Saga Nishiki” of Muraoka-ya ...