Yutoku Monzen Shopping Street

Inari Yokan

It is the shopping area in the approach of Yutoku Inari shrine. There are more than 30 shops such as souvenir shops and restaurants, along the road of about 400 meters. The most popular souvenir is “Inari Yokan” which is in a paper cylinder and you cut it into pieces with a string. In addition, “Yutoku Senbei (japanese rice cracker)”, “Yuzu Gosho (Yuzu pepper)”, “Nogomi Dolls” etc. are popular souvenirs. Udon (japanese noodles) and carp dishes are popular at Yutoku Monzen Shopping Street. In spring the stunning cherry blossoms line up the way to the shrine.

Yutoku Monzen Shopping Street
1686 Kou, Furueda, Kashima-shi, Saga-ken, Japan
Yutoku-an +81-(0)80-1532-3240