One of Japan's Three Major Inari Shrine where 3 million people visit each year
Yutoku Inari Shrine
Shopping district in the approach of Yutoku Inari Shrine
Yutoku Monzen Shopping Street
Sanctuary for safe delivery of the child and those who want children
Tanjouin Temple
Sake brewing industry developed from the Edo period, and beautiful white wall buildings remain
Hizen Hamashuku/Sakagura-dori
Old townscape of the Thatched-roof Houses which remain from the Edo period
Hizen Hamashuku/Thatched-roof Houses
A relay place for the trip during the Edo period. Currently it is a tourist information center
You can taste various sake and shochu and visit sake brewery
Minematsu Shuzo
Sake brewery that sells popular soft serve ice cream of sake
Sachihime Shuzo
Historic brewery that keeps making sake for over 200 years since its foundation
Yano Shuzo
Park with beautiful cherry blossoms in Saga Prefecture on the site of Kashima Castle
Asahigaoka Park
Beautiful flower sights of colorful azalea
Higashiyama Park
Multipurpose park known as a cherry blossom spot on the site of Garyu Castle
Garyugaoka Park
A healing space where you can enjoy 13 kinds of hot springs and sauna
Yutoku Onsen
It is a popular hot spring as an outdoor bath to be healed by the superb view of nature
Hiratani Onsen