Yutoku Inari Shrine

Okunoin (inner shrine)

It is the shrine that is counted in “Japan’s Three Major Inari Shrine” with Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto Prefecture and Kasama Inari Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture. The shrine is very beautiful and popular for photography. Approximately 3 million people visit the shrine annually, and in Kyushu district it is the second largest number after Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine. The red Torii gates near the main shrine lead to Okunoin (inner shrine) and you can see a spectacular view from Okunoin. The flowers of the four seasons are beautiful, cherry blossoms bloom in spring, and Momiji (Japanese maple) turn red in autumn. Higashiyama Park, the outer garden of Yutoku Inari Shrine, is one of the most famous flower places in the Kashima City such as azalea, cherry blossoms, cosmos.

Yutoku Inari Shrine (Yutoku Inari-jinja)
1855 Otsu, Furueda, Kashima-shi, Saga-ken, Japan
Yutoku Inari Shrine +81-(0)954-62-2151
You can visit any time. The shrine will be lit at night.
Open all year round
After getting off at Hizen-Kashima station, get on the Yutoku Bus from “Kashima Bus Center (Platform 3)” bus stop in front of the station and get off at “Yutoku-jinja-mae” bus stop. It takes about 10 minutes and the fare is 320 yen one way (※There is a possibility of change).

Yutoku Inari Shrine Bus Timetable (“Kashima Bus Center” bus stop ⇔ “Yutoku-jinja-mae” bus stop)
Bus Timetable (English)
Bus Timetable (繁體中文)
Bus Timetable (簡体中文)
Bus Timetable (한국어)
※The latest information can be checked on the Yutoku Bus Web Site.

※If you go from Hizen-Hama station, you need to walk about 10 minutes to the nearest bus stop so if you only go to Yutoku Inari Shrine, Hizen-Kashima station is recommended.

It takes about 10 minutes from Hizen-Kashima station and the fare is about 1400 yen. It takes about 8 minutes from Hizen-Hama station and the fare is about 1040 yen.
Saikoan Taxi:0954-62-2171
<Rental Bicycle>
It takes about 25 minutes from Hizen-Kashima station. It takes about 15 minutes from Hizen-Hama station. Please read “Rental Bicycle” for details such as charge.
<On foot>
It takes about 40 minutes to walk from Hizen-Hama station.
※It takes about 1 hour by train from Hakata Station to Hizen-Kashima station. It takes about 1 hour by train from Nagasaki Station to Hizen-Kashima station.
※There is a sightseeing spot called “Hizen Hamashuku” near Hizen-Hama station, old-fashioned townscapes and tasting of local Japanese sake are popular. Many tourists go to Yutoku Inari Shrine by taxi or rental bicycle after getting off at Hizen-Hama station and visiting Hizen Hamashuku.
※When returning from Yutoku Inari Shrine, there is “Yutoku Bus” going to Hizen-Kashima station (Kashima Bus Center), Ureshino Onsen, Takeo Onsen, etc. When using train, the number of trains is more in Hizen-Kashima station than Hizen-Hama station.
Free parking lot accommodating 3000 cars available
In the case of a wheelchair or a foot disabled, you can go to the main shrine using an elevator.