Cherry Blossom Festival

Flower Tunnel at night

It is a cherry blossom festival held in Asahigaoka Park, which is known as the place where cherry blossoms are particularly beautiful in Saga Prefecture. Asahigagaoka Park was the site of Kashima Castle, and in 1968 the cherry blossom trees were built on the road of the samurai residence. This cherry blossom trees are now called “Flower Tunnel”, and beautiful cherry blossoms follow the 300m road to the park. It is one of the best cherry blossoms in the city and many tourists visit every year. Cherry blossoms are lighted up in the evening, and lantern lights fantastically illuminate the cherry blossoms at night.

Cherry Blossom Festival
03/27/2019 ~ 04/07/2019
Asahigaoka Park
It takes about 5 minutes by taxi from Hizen-Kashima Station or about 10 minutes by Rental Bicycle.
A temporary parking lot will be set up at the ground of the Kashima Citizen Gymnasium.
Division of Commerce and Tourism, Kashima City +81-(0)954-63-3412