Kashima Summer Fireworks Festival

It is the fireworks festival of Kashima City held every summer. About 2500 powerful fireworks will be launched, and fireworks on the Ariake Sea’s surface are very beautiful. Many people visit the event headquarters which is the best spot for watching fireworks. Various stalls line up at the event headquarters, and you can eat delicious meals.

Kashima Summer Fireworks Festival
Around mid-August to late August
Fireworks will be launched on the Hizen Kashima Higata. Fireworks can be seen from event headquarters and land reclamation of the Hama-machi. The stalls are in the event headquarters.
You can not enter cars and motorbikes around the event headquarters. Please use free buses or taxies, or by foot or by bicycle. When walking directly, it takes about 35 minutes from Hizen-Kashima Station to the event headquarters, about 20 minutes from Hizen-Hama Station to land reclamation of the Hama-machi, and about 35 minutes from Hizen-Hama Station to the event headquarters.
Kashima Summer Fireworks Festival Executive Committee +81-(0)954-62-3942

It is the location of the event headquarters.