Hizen Kashima Higata (Shingomori Beach)

It is a vast tidal land (place of mud and sand that appeared after the tide pulled) of the Ariake Sea at the mouth of the Kashima River and Shiota River. This tidal land is home to a wide variety of creatures, such as mudskippers and eel goby, making it a fantastic feeding ground for birds. It was designated as a Ramsar Site in June 2015 and is registered under the name of “Hizen Kashima Higata”. More than 120 kinds of birds have been confirmed so far, such as sandpipers and greenshank which are an endangered species. There are free binoculars and learning panels on Hizen Kashima, and you can observe creatures of Ariake Sea and migratory birds.

Hizen Kashima Higata (Shingomori Beach)
Tsunehiro, Kashima-shi, Saga-ken, Japan
Division of Environment and Sewer system, Kashima City +81-(0)954-63-3416