Taste local sake and Japanese pickles and go round the historic townscape of Hizen Hamashuku

It is a course to fully enjoy Hizen Hamashuku including delicious local sake and fermented foods
About 2 hours
START(Hizen-Hama Station)
Short walk

Tsukegura Tazo Time:About 10 minutes

Taste Japanese pickles at a long-established store

Tsukegura Tazo is a Japanese pickle store just a short walk from Hizen-Hama Station. It is a long-established store that makes pickles for over 100 years since foundation. The pickle warehouse is wide enough to hold concerts, and this shop sells various pickles such as Narazuke (vegetables pickled in sake lees).
About 5 minutes on foot

Iimori Shuzo Time:About 10 minutes

Kasuzuke made using the old sake brewery is excellent

Iimori Shuzo sells Kasuzuke made using the old sake brewery. Kasuzuke is a pickled vegetables in sake lees which is leftover when making sake. There are three types of Kasuzuke, melon, Japanese white radish, and young ginger root. Since the speciality of Hizen Hamashuku are sake and pickles, please buy Kasuzuke as a souvenir.
Short walk

Old Mansion of the Norita Family Time:About 10 minutes

Building of the Edo period which tells the living situation of samurai

If you go along the narrow street beside Iimori Shuzo, you will find the Old Mansion of the Norita Family. This is a samurai residence where a samurai who served the Kashima Nabeshima clan lived at the beginning of the 19th century. The building is two stories and the roof is thatched. You can visit free of charge.
Short walk

Hizen Hamashuku/Sakagura-dori

Walk around Sakagura-dori which is the main area of Hizen Hamashuku

There are two areas in Hizen Hamashuku that have been recognized by the country as historically valuable. One of which is Sakagura-dori (sake brewery street), which has traditional white-walled buildings in Japan and sake breweries. It is popular to take pictures and drink Japanese sake for overseas tourists.
On the way of Sakagura-dori

Tsugiba Time:About 10 minutes

Historic building used in the Edo period

Tsugiba is a building in the Edo period in Sakagura-dori of Hizen Hamashuku that flourished as a post town of Tara Kaido Street (road connecting Saga Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture). This building was used as a relay station for people, horses, and packages. It was restored and now it is used as a tourist information center.
Short walk

Nakashima Shuzo Time:About 10 minutes

Taste the "Kun-on", a representative brand of Japanese sake

Nakashima Shuzo is located near the center of Sakagura-dori. This is one of the oldest liquor stores in Hizen Hamashuku, and it sells around 10 kinds of Japanese sake, including representative brand "Kun-on (Japanese: 君恩)".
Short walk

Minematsu Shuzo Time:About 20 minutes

Drink local Japanese sake and purchase travel souvenirs

Minematsu Shuzo is a sake brewery at the end of Sakagura-dori. You can taste and compare a variety of alcoholic beverages such as Japanese sake, Shochu (distilled spirits), fruit wine. Japanese sake of Hizen Hamashuku is very popular as a souvenir with foreign tourists.
About 3 minutes on foot

Hizen Hamashuku/Thatched-roof Houses Time:About 10 minutes

Old townscape of the Thatched-roof Houses which remain from the Edo period

There is a historically valuable area where traditional thatched-roof private houses remain near Sakagura-dori. The scenery where the thatched-roof houses are lined is recommended for photography. Many fishermen live in this area because it is close to the Ariake Sea.
About 10 minutes on foot
GOAL(Hizen-Hama Station)