Hizen Hamashuku/Thatched-roof Houses

Merchants and sailors lived in the Edo period in this area. There are many fishermen living now because it is close to the Ariake Sea, and it is characterized by that crowded houses are densely along the narrow alley. Thatched-roof Houses (japanese traditional house) are still present and the scenery is beautiful. It is selected as the Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings, historical area recognized as highly valuable in the country.

Hizen Hamashuku/Thatched-roof Houses
Hama-machi, Kashima-shi, Saga-ken, Japan
NPO Hizenhamashuku Mizutomachinaminokai +81-(0)954-69-8004

Please use the “Machinami” Parking Lot (free / large size possible).

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