Enjoy Japanese sake while visiting the sake breweries of Kashima City

This course focuses on local Japanese sake, one of the special products of Kashima City
About 3 hours
START(Hizen-Hama Station)
About 5 minutes on foot

Hizen Hamashuku/Sakagura-dori

Walk around Sakagura-dori which is the main area of Hizen Hamashuku

Kashima City has six sake breweries, three of which are in Hizen Hamashuku within walking distance. There are many places to drink or to buy Japanese sake at Sakagura-dori just a short walk from Hizen-Hama Station. Let's head to Sakagura-dori of Hizen Hamashuku that many foreign tourists visit.
On the way of Sakagura-dori

Iimori Shuzo Time:About 15minutes

Kasuzuke made using the old sake brewery is excellent

Iimori Shuzo sells Kasuzuke made using the old sake brewery. Kasuzuke is a pickled vegetables in sake lees which is leftover when making sake. There are three types of Kasuzuke, melon, Japanese white radish, and young ginger root. Since the speciality of Hizen Hamashuku are sake and pickles, please buy Kasuzuke as a souvenir.
Short walk

HAMASHUKU KURABITO Time:About 30 minutes

Drink the "Nabeshima" that was chosen as the best sake in the world

There is a sake brewery called Fukuchiyo Shuzo in Hizen Hamashuku. Japanese sake called "Nabeshima (Japanese: 鍋島)", the representative brand of Fukuchiyo Shuzo, was nominated for the award in the sake division of the world's largest sake ceremony 'IWC (2011)'. You can drink the "Nabeshima" at HAMASHUKU KURABITO.
Short walk

Nakashima Shuzo Time:About 15 minutes

Taste the "Kun-on", a representative brand of Japanese sake

Nakashima Shuzo is located near the center of Sakagura-dori. This is one of the oldest liquor stores in Hizen Hamashuku, and it sells around 10 kinds of Japanese sake, including representative brand "Kun-on (Japanese: 君恩)". Please taste "Kun-on" before buying it and feel the difference with "Nabeshima".
About 3 minutes on foot

Hizennya New Building Time:About 10 minutes

How about souvenirs of sweets related to Japanese sake?

It is a newly opened shop next to the Minematsu Shuzo (shop name is Hizennya). There are many unusual souvenirs that can only be purchased here, such as Japanese rice cracker with sake lees (leftover when making sake) and cake containing Shochu (traditional Japanese distilled spirit) of Mitsutake Shuzo.
Short walk

Minematsu Shuzo Time:About 20 minutes

Drink a variety of Japanese sake and compare, find your favorite one

Minematsu Shuzo located on Sakagura-dori sells various kinds of alcohol such as Japanese sake, Shochu and fruit liquor. As you can taste alcohol free of charge, please choose your favorite one as a souvenir.
About 15 minutes on foot

Inside tour of Sachihime Shuzo Time:About 20 minutes

Visit the inside of the sake brewery that make Japanese sake

If you walk about 15 minutes from Sakagura-dori, there is a sake brewery called Sachihime Shuzo. Sachihime Shuzo offer guide service for tourists and you can visit the inside of the huge sake brewery for free.
Same place

Sachihime Shuzo Time:About 20 minutes

Soft serve ice cream using local Japanese sake is popular

After visiting the inside of the sake brewery, you can taste and buy Japanese sake of Sachihime Shuzo. Non-alcoholic local Japanese sake soft serve ice cream is very delicious.
About 15 minutes on foot
GOAL(Hizen-Hama Station)