Ariake Sea

Aquaculture of seaweed laver

Ariake Sea is the ocean surrounded by the four prefectures of Saga, Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Kumamoto. Tidal difference (the depth difference when the tide is drawn and filled) is the best in Japan and can reach up to 6 meters at maximum. The tidal land appearing at the low tide of the Ariake Sea is equivalent to about 40% of the tidal land throughout Japan, and this tidal land is the largest in Japan. Due to the flow of the tide, mud mixes into the seawater of the Ariake Sea, and the seawater becomes beautiful by the purification action of the mud. In nutrient-rich tidal land, there are a wide variety of creatures that can be seen only in the Ariake Sea, such as Mutsugoro (mudskipper). In addition, seaweed laver which absorbed nutrition by tidal of Ariake Sea is reputed as delicious. At Road Station Kashima you can experience a tidal land in Ariake Sea.

Ariake Sea
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