Park - spots

There are many parks in Kashima City. Those parks are the place for relaxation for locals and for tourists it is possible to see flowers and enjoy beautiful scenery.

Asahigaoka Park

Park with beautiful cherry blossoms in Saga Prefecture on the site of Kashima Castle
This park is one of the beautiful places of cherry blossoms in Saga Prefecture. ...

Higashiyama Park

Beautiful flower sights of colorful azalea
It is a park in the garden of Yutoku Inari Shrine, one of the three most famous ...

Garyugaoka Park

Multipurpose park known as a cherry blossom spot on the site of Garyu Castle
It is a multipurpose park made in the site of Garyu Castle. In the park, there a ...

Gibizan Park

Extensive sports facilities complete with baseball, track and golf course
It is a general park of sports which is located in the middle of Mt.Gibizan. The ...