Sake - spots

One of the specialties of Kashima City is local sake. The place called "Sakagura-dori" in Hizen Hamashuku is a region where sake making is popular since the Edo period, and many sake breweries are still remained today. The local sake in Kashima City is highly appreciated to receive numerous awards in the world and in Japan, and it is also popular as a souvenir. 80 thousand tourists visit the event "Sake Brewery Tourism" visiting the six breweries in the city. It would be fun to take a tour of sake brewery, tasting sake, eating soft cream made with Amazake(sweet drink made from fermented rice).

Minematsu Shuzo

You can taste various sake and shochu and visit sake brewery
It is making sake at the “Sakagura-dori (street of sake brewery)” of ...

Sachihime Shuzo

Sake brewery that sells popular soft serve ice cream of sake
It is a sake brewery founded in 1955. The major brand of sake is “Sachihim ...

Yano Shuzo

Historic brewery that keeps making sake for over 200 years since its foundation
The main brands of sake are “Hizen Kura Gokoro” and “Take-no-s ...

Fukuchiyo Shuzo

Nabeshima Daiginjo chosen as the best sake in the world
This sake brewery makes sake called “Nabeshima”, which was chosen as ...

Mitsutake Shuzo

Sweet taste and scented shochu called "Makaieno Izanai" is a big hit
It is making sake at the “Sakagura-dori (street of sake brewery)” of ...

Baba Shuzo

"Nogomi" brand created in the nature of Hiratani Gorge
It is a sake brewery that has been making sake for more than 200 years since its ...