Temple - spots

There are many shrines and temples in Kashima City. In the festival of the local temple and shrine, the traditional arts called "Furyu" have been performed and have been popular among people. Among the shrines in Kashima City, the most famous shrine is "Yutoku Inari Shrine" which is counted in "Japan's Three Major Inari Shrine". There are other attractive shrines and temples, so when visiting Kashima City it is also recommended to go to shrines and temples.

Yutoku Inari Shrine

One of Japan's Three Major Inari Shrine where 3 million people visit each year
It is the shrine that is counted in “Japan’s Three Major Inari Shrin ...

Tanjouin Temple

Sanctuary for safe delivery of the child and those who want children
It is a temple built in 1405 in the birthplace of Kogyo Daishi Kakuban which is ...

Fumyoji Temple

Shape of the temple represents a dragon, and the temple which became the location of the movie
It is a temple with a grave of the Nabeshima family, the lord of Kashima, which ...

Taichiji Temple

Temple of the Nabeshima family with a historically valuable Buddha statue
It is a temple of Soto Buddhist temple and is the temple of Nabeshima family (th ...

Rengonin Temple

Three Buddhist statues established in the Nara era designated as an important cultural properties
It is an old temple of Shingon sect which was built around the end of the 9th ce ...

Matsuoka Shrine

At the Hama Gion Festival, Mikoshi and lion dance walk from Matsuoka Shrine
Known as Gion Shrine in Hama district, it is very crowded with “Hama Gion ...