Nakakoba Dam

Yamabiko Square

It is a dam which is along National Route 444 connecting Kashima City and Omura City. It is the largest of the dams managed by Saga Prefecture. The surroundings of the dam are very rich in nature and suitable for driving, walking, jogging etc. It is known as hydrangea flowers beautiful location, about 7000 shares of hydrangea bloom in June. At Yamabiko Square near the dam, play equipment is newly developed and it is becoming a popular spot for children. In addition, in the restaurant called “Nominosato” you can taste dishes using local ingredients such as “Dago-jiru (rice dumpling soup)” and pizza.

Nakakoba Dam
Yamaura, Kashima-shi, Saga-ken, Japan
Division of Commerce and Tourism, Kashima City +81-(0)954-63-3412